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Dewatering Systems

Planned and Emergency Applications - Storage Tanks - Generators - Submersible Pumps - High & Low Flow Systems - Water Transferring

Whether at a coastline, in the desert or downtown Las Vegas, ground water is all around us. Higher precipitation means higher water table levels and with water comes infiltration. But did you know Southern Nevada contains unique soils which can make groundwater very difficult to manage? The experts at Rain2Day are highly knowledgeable and experienced with some of the best and worse case scenarios from around the valley.

From single point systems to complete channel diversion and multipoint systems, let us help you design a dewatering system that will get the job done.

  • Highly Efficient ground water control systems
  • Expert consultation
  • Emergency site dewatering and water diversions
  • 24 Hour Emergency Response Teams are available and can be on site within 1 hour of notice.
  • Open and closed channel diversions
  • Equipment installation, system design and drilling available