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High Head Centrifugal Pumps

We rent and sell a full line of diesel driven portable pumps ranging from 2 to 18 inch and from 100 to 18,000 GPM. These pumps are very rugged, dependable and highly efficient.

We also carry a variety of submersible pumps ranging from 2 to 8 inch and flows from 100 to 3,000 gallons per minute.

Please ask about our full line of complementary accessories; hose, pipe, and tanks.

We are a full service provider, from system design and engineering, to installation of a turnkey operation. Our extensive background and experience in the underground utility industry is the backbone of our company.

We are the company of choice in the areas of; public works, municipalities, sewer lift/stations, waste water treatment plants, general construction, mining, agriculture, and dewatering of all types.

We have extensive field and practical experience in the following:

Thank you for taking interest on our full line of services and products.

Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Cut Sheets Pump Curve
  inches gpm ft inches
4GHTAP 4x4 0-425 174 3 Download Download
6GHTAP 6x6 0-3200 220 3 Download Download
8GHTAP 8x8 0-4400 230 3 Download Download
12GHTAP 12x12 0-8800 117 3 Download Download
18GHTAP 18x18 0-15000 177 3 Download Download
Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Cut Sheets Pump Curve
  Inches GPM Feet Inches
4GHHAP 4x3 0-425 520 5/8 - -
6GHHAP 6x4 0-3200 606 7/8 Download Download
8GHHAP 8x6 0-2375 606 1-3/8 Download Download
12GHHAP 12x10 0-6400 582 2-1/2 Download Download
  • Global Pump's rugged, heavy duty pumps are engineered specifically for portable application.
  • Fully automatic priming system allows the pump to prime and re-prime while running.
  • Compressor-fed, venturi priming system provides rapid, reliable priming.
  • Fully guarded coupling.
  • Mechanical seal with biodegradable glycol quench allows the pump to start and run dry.
  • Non-return valve uses only a single moving part to allow full flow with minimal restriction.
  • Pump casings are hydrostatically tested to 50 psig (345 kPa) above the peak casing design pressure.
  • Standard engine control panel provides preset emergency shutdown protection and allows the addition of automatic level control.
  • Highway trailer with integral fuel cell/chassis,lights, fenders, tie downs, lifting bail, front and rear jacks.
  • Global Pump's Environmental Box captures venturi blow by, separates and silences air exhaust and returns liquid to the pump suction.
  • Fuel tanks for extended run times and/or remote location as required.
  • Skid-mounted formats with tie downs, lifting bail and fork pockets.
  • Trailer brakes can be offered as required.
  • Sound attenuated enclosure options.
  • Hose racks, accessory containers and other custom features available as required.
  • Wide range of suction and discharge fittings including Global Pump's own "QD" Quick Disconnect fittings and accessories
  • Casing: Cast Steel (CD4MCu is an option).
  • Impeller: CD4MCu.
  • Bearing Housing: Cast Iron.
  • Bearing Lubrication: Grease.
  • Shaft: Steel.
  • Shaft Sleeve: Stainless Steel.
  • Seal: Silicon Carbide on Silicon Carbide.
  • Chassis/Fuel Cell: Steel.
  • Non-Return Valve: Nitrile Fitted Cast Iron.
  • Environmental Box (Optional): Steel.