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Power Generators

Rain2Day, Inc. proudly features all GLOBAL® Prime Power generators. Each generator is designed and built to world class standards.

These units are built to last and are the new industry standard, ranging from 20kw (25kVA) to 409kw (511kVA) are available for immediate delivery for rent or sale.

These units are great for planned or emergency situations; every unit is designed for high efficiency, low operating noise, and low fuel consumption and to the highest environmental standards. Diesel driven generators include a wide range of options to match the most demanding power needs and are great for use in; construction, disaster recovery operations, entertainment venues, residential or commercial use, for all your power generation demands, large or small, interrupted power supply or standby.

Every unit is built to last and include many user friendly futures such as:

Please contact Rain2Day and ask about our full line of accessories to complement the generators we rent or sale; diesel fuel containments, cable, switch boards and more.

Model Rated1 Rated2 Size Approx. Net Weight Engine Emissions Compliance Download Cutsheets
  standby Power prime power l x w x h dry      
GP 25 22kW (27kva) 20 kW (25kVA) 77 x 39 x 59 2487 LB. 404D - 22 EPA Tier i4 GP25
GP35 30 kW (38 KVA) 28 kW (35 KVA) 93 x 41 x 59 2932 LB. 1104D - 22tag EPA Tier i4 GP35
GP65 56 kW (63 kVA) 51 kW (63 kVA) 111 x 43 x 62 4056 LB. 1104D - 44TG1 EPA Tier III GP65
GP75 65 kW (81 kVA) 59 kW (73 kVA) 111 x 43 x 64 4056 LB. 1104D - E44TAG1 EPA Tier III GP75
GP95 81 kW (101 kVA) 74 kW (93 kVA) 119 x 43 x 71 4277 LB. 1104D - E44TAG1 EPA Tier III GP95
GP115 99 kW (123 kVA) 90 kW (112 kVA) 119 x 43 x 74 4321 LB. 1104D - E44TAG2 EPA Tier III GP115
GP160 140 kW (175 kVA) 128 kW (160 kVA) 141 x 47 x 77 5930 LB. 1106D - E66TAG3 EPA Tier III GP160
GP200 176 kW (220 kVA) 160 kW (200 kVA) 141 x 47 x 77 6129 LB. 1106D - E66TAG4 EPA Tier III GP200