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Sewer Bypass Pumping

Rain2Day specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of temporary sewage bypass systems.

Sewer bypass is a procedure used during construction or rehabilitation of lift stations, sewage treatment facilities, pipe and manhole rehabilitation or rerouting of utilities.

We service all of our customers in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California, our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of bypassing or pump around situations.

We have pumping equipment ranging from 4 inch to 18 inch, 100 GPM to 18,000 GPM. We also offer a full line of tanks, piping, fittings, and flow monitoring devices to provide a completely turnkey worry free system.

Our team of experts are ready and available 24 hours a day to assist you.

Whether you are dealing with a planned application or an emergency response situation we are here to assist design and manage your system to the upmost efficiency, economically and safely while being environmentally responsible.

We take great pride on using American made products and go far and beyond EPA regulations to better guard our environment and complying with all municipalities and governmental agencies.

Please ask about our fleet of tier 4 equipment.

No project is too big or to small, whether is a 100 MGD system for a municipality or a 4 inch discharge lateral for a private residence or commercial development. We are confident we can assist you.

Our extensive background in the construction and underground utilities is the foundation of our company. When we step foot on your project you can be confident we understand your entire project not only the equipment we provide.

We understand emergencies never happen in the middle of your work day. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Rain2Day we have invested in the latest and greatest equipment tools and training in order to better serve this growing field. We are confident our high end technology will satisfy each and every one of our customer needs and let them be at ease that all of our team members are highly experienced and trained to the latest standards and technology available.

Pumping Specifications

Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Cut Sheets Pump Curve
  Inches GPM Feet Inches
4GSTAP 4x4 0-1250 116 3 Download Download
6GSTAP 6x6 0-2750 165 3 Download Download
8GSTAP 8x8 0-3400 165 3 Download Download
12GSTAP 12x12 0-8300 117 3 Download Download
18GSTAP 18x18 0-12500 138 3 Download Download
Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Cut Sheets Pump Curve
  Inches GPM Feet Inches
4GSHAP 4x3 0-1375 380 5/8 Download Download
6GSHAP 6x4 0-2100 375 7/8 Download Download
8GSHAP 8x6 0-3500 340 1-3/8 Download Download
12GSHAP 12x8 0-4800 340 1-1/2 Download Download
Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Cut Sheets Pump Curve
  Inches GPM Feet Inches
4GHHAP 4x3 0-425 520 5/8 - -
6GHHAP 6x4 0-3200 606 7/8 Download Download
8GHHAP 8x6 0-2375 606 1-3/8 Download Download
12GHHAP 12x10 0-6400 582 2-1/2 Download Download