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Centrifugal WellPoint Pumps

These pumps are designed to automatically prime and re-prime without air elimination system or operator intervention.

Systems are designed to handle large amounts of water and air ideal to be used in shallower trenching applications for tank installation, pipeline, or any application where you may encounter high moisture saturation such as if you are working at or near the ground water levels.

Our extensive background in the construction and underground utilities is the foundation of our company, when we step foot on your project you can be confident we understand your entire project not only the equipment we provide.

We understand emergencies never happen in the middle of your work day. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Rain2Day we have invested in the latest and greatest equipment tools and training in order to better serve this growing field. We are confident our high end technology will satisfy each and every one of our customer needs and let them be at ease that all of our team members are highly experienced and trained to the latest standards and technology available.

Model Size Max Flow Max Head Solids Handling Downloads Downloads
  inches gpm ft inches Cut sheets Pump Curve
4GSCWP - 0-600 112 5/8 Download Download
6GSCWP - 0-1350 108 3/4 Download Download
8GSCWP - 0-1800 108 7/8 Download Download
6GSRWP - 0-800 - 2-1/2 Download Download
8GSRWP - 0-1600 - 2-1/2 Download Download
12GSRWP - 0-3200 - 2-1/2 Download Download